Getting Started

Add it to your database

You may add the add-in to your Geotab database under Administration / System / System Settings, under the Add-Ins tab. Make sure unsigned add-ins are allowed, and click to add a New Add-In.
Drag-and-drop the below configuration file or copy-and-paste its content into the configuration pane and press OK, then click Save at the top, and refresh the page in your browser.

Provision the basics

Navigate to Administration / Driver Challenge; you should get a provisioning pop-up. Enter valid credentials to be used by the Driver Challenge bots. This user account should have read access to the following data at the appropriate level:

  • Users
  • Rules
  • Trips
  • Exception events

You may set it up as administrator, or create a sub-clearance with appropriate permissions.
Select your reseller and click Register.

Tip: if your reseller is not listed, please contact us

Set your KPIs

While still on the Administration / Driver Challenge page, you may select as many rules as you need. These are the KPIs that you want to monitor in your Driver Challenge. Give them a relative weight, making sure the total comes to 100%.
Giving more weight to a rule gives it a higher impact on the driver’s global score. Click Save when you are satisfied with your configuration.

Tip: you may come back and change rules and weights at any time, scores are compiled in real time

Challenge your drivers!

Your Challenge is now started. As long as drivers are properly assigned to vehicles (using Geotab Drive, NFC, or manually), the Challenge is running and the stats are flowing. We recommend getting them on Geotab Drive so they can see how they are doing in real time, and get these cool badges and medals!

If you are having issues or have any questions or concerns, consult our FAQ or feel free to get in touch.